Synergy Skydive Brings Triple Charity Windfall!

The thought of jumping out of a plane is a very scary prospect for most people but two Synergy colleagues from our Leeds office braved the challenge in order to raise money and awareness for three charities close to their hearts.

On Sunday 8th September the Leeds office team made their way to Hilbaldstow in Lincolnshire to watch and support their colleagues, our intrepid Care Co-ordinators Anastasia and Arzish complete a skydive! The duo proved they were more than up for the challenge by choosing to do a 15,000 ft skydive also known as the Adrenaline Dive – this is the highest permissible sky dive available in the UK!

This particular dive entails a 10 minute plane ride, a full minutes worth of freefall at an estimated 125mph before the parachute release gives the participant a 5 minute canopy descent to the ground.

Both participants were extremely brave and there were no last minute nerves or thoughts of turning back. Upon completing the dive both ladies stated they absolutely loved the jump and it was amongst the best experiences of their lives and that they can not wait to book their next jump!

With the support of the company, colleagues, service users as well as their own families and friends Anastasia and Arzish were able to raise a phenomenal £1050 to be split equally between Dementia UK, The British Heart Foundation and The Care Workers Charity. Synergy Health and Social Care would like to extend both its congratulations and thanks to the Leeds Office and especially to Anastasia and Arzish on such an outstanding achievement.

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